Happy New Year 2017

Calendar date change.. Makes no difference unless YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! Hoping you achieve at least one of your goals in the next 365 days. Hugs Pix

View From My Bedroom Window

Back in the day when I photographed religiously and blogged just as much, this was my favorite photo to share.  Over the years, there has been so much construction, my skyline view has… Continue reading

It’s a Sign….

Pixel is the best.. lol  Been excited about posting here.  It seems like we’ve eaten for 2 days straight. One more night of entertaining. Hope you enjoyed your Holiday Weekend Hugs Pix

Merry Christmas to all

Just stopping by to wish you all a Merry Christmas 🎄

Bound by Traditions

We are hosting The Feast of Seven Fishes tonight..  Truth be told, we are so exhausted from work, we wish someone else was hosting us.  But alas, we will push past at the… Continue reading

My name is Pix and I haven’t Blogged in 3 years

Grown up life got the better of me. So much so that I forgot the inner creative me – my words, my vision, my humor (yeah, I think I’m funny) I have pretty… Continue reading

I’ve been photographing a little more

New Blog Post on New Page

If you’ve followed me here, please view my new page…. http://dpixeloveslr.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/morning-walks/ HUGS Pix

Day 1 and I am smiling

So with my “new” outlook and new blog direction, I’ve found myself suddenly inspired. No No nothing crazy. Just a point and shoot moment but I SAW THROUGH my lens once again. New… Continue reading

2013 Day 128/365 – Souvenirs

All these Events and my clients leaving me souvenirs and desserts etc.. This was my favorite.. Took it home and it now sits on my window HUGS Pix