June Collage

I apologize for not posting for the month of June but promised that I have been photographing everyday. I finally have some time and decided to put together a collage of a few shots, since I don’t have all my pics with me at the moment.

1. Boating on the Lake

2. Sushi at our favorite place in Woodside, Queens

3. Crabby Petes and his buddy.. (they’re quite boring)

4. Graffitti on a roof top. Such a typical New York shot

5. I took a ride on the W train on it’s last day of service

6. Sunsets are my favorite time of the day

7. Mamma Duck and her babies at the lakeside one weekend

8.  Table setting for a Catering event

9. The wedding we Catered and I photographed (yep I got paid)

10. Lily outside our garage

11. A Car/Rocket/Sculpture thingy.. 😀

12. My Jack Sparro arrived from Amsterdam. I hope to include him in my daily photos

13. A day at the beach, Father’s Day…

14. Attended the Tony Awards

15. Fish Tacos…. YUM

16. My “from above” photo hunt.. quite fun