Saturday was the Dragon Boat Race on Candlewood Lake..

I PARTICIPATED.. Yep!! I ROWED.. Actually used my arms for something other that picking up the beer bottle. LOL

The opening Ceremony was beautiful. Who could ask for more. We had beautiful weather and lively crowd, DJ and Food.

There were 16 teams participating this year.. The ran heats of 4 boats each. I think the best time for the day may have been 52secs.. Eh hem (it wasn’t my team) hehe

There was a prize for best decorated tent and believe me there were some very creative people at this event. Even Mr Stew Leonard made an appearance, granted it was the cardboard standout. We had some Vikings and would you believe it??? Even Elvis made an appearance.

Overall it was a fantastic day of plain old fun. Even though winning was the goal. It was about beating your time and my team did that. We didn’t place but everyone was sooo proud of us. I think we had the loudest cheering team.

What is there NOT TO LOVE about being on the lake!!!!