Last Night’s Dinner

I am ever so thankful for my DH… I know i’ve said this before but he is a very talented Chef. Our Dinners are complex recipes he finds during the day and brings them to life in the evening for the kid and I.

Last night we made Stewed Oxtail, Cauliflower and Peas with curry (last minute ingredient addition), Basmati Rice and Salad with a Rosemary Garlic vinaigrette. The combined flavors were phenomenal.

We had some issue with the Oxtail. Started off in a Slow Cooker on Low all day but SOMEBODY, not me, forgot to plug it in. Luckily, I went home early, so put it on, then had to switch it to a Pressure Cooker or we’d eat at midnight.


I have a busy weekend planned. Kid has an Ice-Skating Competition tomorrow. Then on Sunday we’re going to see Groovaloo.

Wishing everyone a wonderful President’s weekend.

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