Food Photography at Expo

Yesterday I attended the Food Service show at Jacob Javits in New York.

THIS IS MY WORLD. This is where I belong on soo many levels. Food to eat, People to meet, more food to photograph, hundreds of people to photograph.. hahaha..

But my photography at these events are my favorites. yes yes, I know.. last week I proclaimed that I just love street photography. I do!!! Food Shows are just so exciting because you get to eat and drink. I try never to photograph people faces but more of their interaction with the food.

There are the ones who attend “just for the samples” and then there are those who attend because it is our business to know what’s out there. You can spend 5mins at a booth or 25 mins, if it will save you time and money.

It’s just such a large venues with aisles and aisles of everything Food related. Think of it and chances are it’s there. Food, beverage, advertising and promotion, trucks, equipment, staffing, chairs, menus etc. I skip alot of it and narrow in on the food. 😀

You can seriously have breakfast, lunch and dinner here… My favorite samplings are the cheese and the ostrich.. Sometimes it gets crazy in the aisles and when it’s about getting information it’s a bit tough because everyone wants a sample. However, we all take it in stride because this is what it is.

The interaction with the Vendors is also important and though I try not to photograph faces straight on, this Japanese woman was just so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself. She was offering Tea samples.. Tasted like leaves but that’s a whole other story.

Hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend.