Monthly Archive: March, 2011

Grand Central Terminal New York

I had a wonderful day yesterday…  I made my first trip for Spring into the city, just to go walkabout.. 😀  I heard about an dance event being held at Grand Central. That’s about all… Continue reading

Deli in New York

This is one of our regular food shoppig stops…. The Corner Deli. Our weekly dose of Thinly sliced Fresh Proscuitto, Mortadella, Cappicola and Fresh Italian Bread… This is usually lunch either on Saturday or… Continue reading

More Pop-Up Cafes Planned for New York

MAYBE NOT!!!  Based on news reports and this piece from the New York Post: “A lower Manhattan community board last night approved only one of six applications for new “pop-up” cafes — temporary… Continue reading

Snake on the Loose EEEPS

ARRRRRRGH!!! So headlining news this morning in New York….. “The Bronx Zoo has closed its Reptile House indefinitely while it looks for a highly venomous cobra that has gone missing.” Explain to me… Continue reading

Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day 2011

I needed a cause.. I found it 3 years ago.. I began volunteering with the United War Veterans Council, New York. They are the most amazing group of people. I cried at my… Continue reading

Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge NYC

Say it isn’t so 😦 But alas it is… In December the Bloomberg administration announced plans to rename the Queensboro Bridge after former mayor Ed Koch. I believe the City Council voted 38-12… Continue reading

When it Rains in New York

What to do when it rains in New York. The sky is grey and the air is cold……….. Make PINK, YELLOW and GREEN Paper Boats and set them afloat on the street  😀… Continue reading

Rain Droplet

Sometimes you just need to hang on…. Someone comes along and sees the beauty you have to offer. When they look closer, they can see so clearly.

I found SPRING in New York

Yes I surely did!!!! Driving to work today and I spotted these Blossom trees. I tweeted about it this morning. Well I couldn’t get them off my mind, so I went past there again… Continue reading

New York City signage

New York is a great place to wander around. It’s a photographer’s playland. Cityscapes, Botanical gardens, Night Lights, Bar Scenes, Yellow Cabs, people (lots of people). I can go on and on.. My… Continue reading