Hitting the Streets of New York

Sometimes when I need a “break” from my regular life, I’ll just take the train into New York City to go on a Walk-about. This can be 20mins to 2 hours, depending on my schedule.

I smile knowing that this brings me peace. I love living in New York. I love that there’s always something going on. The hustle and bustle may deter other but for me, it’s like watching a little ant farm, strategically go about it’s daily life, weaving through organized mazes.

Have you ever tried to cross a New York Street?? It can be intimidating to a tourist but to us New Yorkers, very seldom to we walk into another person. We do the stare down, then the dance, the bob and weave, the occasional cha cha slide with that cute person of the opposite sex or in some cases the same sex. haha!!

But we take it in stride…………… Even when people are walking with cameras, very rare do we confront them. We subconsiously know we’ll end up in someone’s holiday album or travel blog or worse yet their twitter page. O_o

Spring is less that 12 days away. Photographers, let’s charge those batteries and hit the streets of New York