The Bright Lights of New York City

Long day yesterday, couldn’t wait to get to bed.. My nightly ritual includes glancing out my window to check out the view of the New York City skyline.

I noticed the Empire State Building was Yellow and Orange for CARE, 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.

I really wanted a photo but really wanted to jump into bed. So of course, instead of setting up the tripod, i just grabbed my camera and took the shot.

Of course, now, with camera in hand, I get that tingly feeling.. haha..

hmmm let’s see.. what now?? I decided to slow the shutter speed even more and play with the lights. Keep in mind NO TRIPOD..

I can do this all night but I know I have to get to bed. Kid needs to be at ice rink for 6am.. Grrr.. So one last shot and I went to bed

Yes, i know they’re not the best photos…

Hope everyone has a great day. Enjoy being outside today because tomorrow it’s going to rain cats and dogs.