Eating Out in New York

A Foodie Paradise.. The choices will make you mind swirl….

In any given week, one can eat from Turkey, India, China, Japan, Poland, Ireland and Greece.. That’s just one neighbourhood.

I think this is the only DIS-ADVANTAGE to being married to a Chef. We don’t eat out quite as often as I’d like. One of my many dream jobs was to be a food critic.. I try to update my postings on Yelp as often as i remember.

Usually, on our night’s out, we’re faced with choices of Meat or Fish, Wine or Beer, Formal or Casual, car or train, parking or hassle, re-visit or try something new, just to name a few issues we have.

Last night’s choice was pretty simple… Had a long day, was driving to CT, so bottle of wine is a commitment. Iced Cold Beer just sounded like it’ll hit the spot. PLUS we’re now observing Lent, so Fish it was… See how simple it gets??

We decided to stop at KUMO Restaurant in Woodside, New York…

The Sushi/Sashimi is quite delicious and the food combinations are savory and palate pleasing… The SEXY ROLL is on of our favorite.

We ordered the Gyoza only to realise it was pork and quickly change to the Shrimp Shumai..

We enjoyed a Pitcher of Sapporo and I have to tell you, that ice cold feeling was worth every sip.. Bringing my long work week to a quick close.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. BIG HUGS to All