New York City signage

New York is a great place to wander around. It’s a photographer’s playland.

Cityscapes, Botanical gardens, Night Lights, Bar Scenes, Yellow Cabs, people (lots of people). I can go on and on.. My Folder of “New York Shots” probably needs it’s own external hard drive.. hehe

So much to make you eyes dizzy. I love how you can tell a tourist just by watching them LOOK UP!! Even I do that sometimes, when the clouds are reflected on a building the right way or you happen to be at an amazing angle.

OTHER TIMES…. I love what I see when I LOOK DOWN…..

Not quite sure what it meant exactly.. O_o but that’s probably because i’m a cat person. LOLOL

Could it possible mean “walk you dog on that side”, or maybe “dog crossing”. I stared for a while, then asked a guy to stand there so I can have perspective with his feet. (yeah, not creepy at all)

I guess what i’m trying to say is that NEW YORK CITY has so much too offer, from top to bottom.. haha!!

Next stop on the tour…………