More Pop-Up Cafes Planned for New York


Based on news reports and this piece from the New York Post:

“A lower Manhattan community board last night approved only one of six applications for new “pop-up” cafes — temporary curbside seating areas that eliminate parking spots and clog narrow roadways.”

Not sure how to feel to be honest.. I happen to love the “pedestrain malls/sidewalk cafes/urban coffee shops”.. I love people watching, so why not do it while sipping on a cappuccino :-D…

However, I also use the subway most times that I go into the city, so I am not crazed with traffic or parking issues. I do understand the concerns of the residents. The streets closures mean traffic needs to get diverted and also making parking horrendous in the city.

But you gotta love being able to sit under the Bright Lights of New York City…

I personally happen to love what the City has done so far. I love Times Square. I love New York.