I’m a Weekender

After a long week of work and play in New York, I look forward to the weekend at my home “in the country”, as we refer to it.

It’s our escape from our crazy world of being a business owner. We’re a NOT SO SMALL operation. Kinda Mom and Pop but yet we have 20 employees. Eeps!! Business has been tough. We saw a drop in Catering this winter season and with all the snow storms, we lost quite a bit of revenue from the Meals-on-Wheels Program..  But we’re struggling along. We’re hard workers, DH and I.

We don’t always get to spend an entire weekend there due to work or family commitments in the City but I swear, just one day can make such a difference with our state of mind.

We absolutely DE-STRESS!! I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer. To be outside, playing basketball on the driveway; to sit on the deck and sip a glass of White Wine while reading…

We are also not “WIRED” there. Yes we have internet access but we choose not to use it. We usually have the TV playing in the background either on the Food Channel, Say Yes to the Dress, Travel Channel, Animal Planet (my fave) or America’s Funniest Home Videos. You know those shows that don’t require your undivided attention..

Instead, we play Chinese Checkers, Monopoly or Cards, if we’re indoors..

So here’s to learning a little more about me O_o.  Hoping you take some time to laugh with the ones you love.