In Search of Frogs O_o

Sunday  morning…

Before anxiety sets in about tomorrow being Monday, I have a full day to just kick off my shoes and take a walk on the slow side.

The frogs are croaking loudly today… The sound filled the air. I decided to go for a walk to the neighbour’s pond. The closer I got, the further the sound seemed. I did see a few floating ones but they quickly dove under water as I approached. No tadpoles at the water’s edge yet..

In a few weeks, I’ll be able to get some good shots as they transform… Can’t wait..

I did however, see some crocus on my neighbour’s property and as I bent to take a photo, I was lucky enough to catch a pollen laden bee busy at work, cross pollinating.. YAY!! Soon we shall have lots of flowers.. Good Job little bee.

The wind was blowing really strong also. I wished I knew how to convey that train tunnel sound as I stood there by myself watching these huge trees sway back and forth. The sky was such a beautiful blue…

What a wonderful way to spend the morning. Soon the dragon flies will be out also. Morning coffee with my neighbour down at the dock.. I can’t wait for Spring to arrive.. HAHA!! yes I know it’s here but it doesn’t “FEEL LIKE IT”.. I’m wearing a heavy coat and scarf.

So take care. Enjoy your Sunday and see you guys in New York tomorrow.