Happy Birthday My Friend

Today’s post is for my Friend Dana…   It’s her birthday….

We celebrated last night over dinner. She doesn’t make a big deal about birthdays, so I’m guessing, she must be regretting our friendship at the moment because it’s a big deal to me. HAHA!!

I bought her a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” Wine goblet which she had to drink out of all night and we had them add a sparkly to her birthday dessert and we sang happy birthday.. I think it’s important that we all get to feel special on atleast one day.

I am enjoying my growing friendship with her. She’s a wonderful mom, a fantastic photographer, she makes me laugh as I do her for the silliest things and I have grown to miss her when we don’t see each other.  We’ve slowly begun to share our lives with each other. Our girls now address each other as sisters, which is so precious.

So wishing she has a wonderful day today….