Threat against New York School Buses

Woke up to news of threats against the NY School Buses putting the school system and has area school bus drivers on alert Wednesday.

An April 1 email contains threats against school buses, warns of violence in state office buildings and against members of the state legislature.  The threat was emailed from an anonymous account to state officials. Though it came in on April Fool’s day, it is being taken quite seriously.

REALLY?? What is wrong with society?? These deranged people who have nothing in life to live for but to terrorise our children.

Bus Drivers were also advised to take extra care to perform pre- and post-trip checks of their buses, and to make sure no unauthorized persons attempt to board their buses.

Grrrrrr!!!  I was hoping to use this photo at some point but didn’t expect this is a very disturbing story…..

Take Care