Am I a Soccer Mom….

Even though she doesn’t play Soccer???

This thought entered my mind this morning at 5:30am, when I found myself at the City Ice Rink Pavillion, New York..

Is this who I am?? What ever happened to life becoming easier as your kids get older?? Here I am sitting on a COLD, HARD Bench drinking store bought Coffee O_o. Usually my first cup of coffee used to be freshly brewed, freshly ground coffee beans…..

So I was just wondering…. Did my “COOL MOM” status make a departure, now that i’m a Soccer Mom, so to speak..

Am I destined to be “behind the frosty glass” for many years to come?? Figure Skating is one of those sports where ICE TIMES are a commodity. It involves being up really early sometimes.

But the joy that they share as they perfect a jump or spin is so worth it. I am very proud of my daughter and what she’s accomplished so far. It’s a joy to watch them perform..

That’s all Folks…

ps: still wondering about the whole “soccer mom” thing though. 😀