T.G.I.F New York

I have never been this happy to see Friday arrive at my doorstep…  I lifted that mat and picked up the key myself.. HAHA!!

Phew!! What an exhausting week. I feel mentally drained and physically tired. I have a long day ahead but somewhere in my future, there’s an Iced-Cold PERONI waiting to be sipped by me..

Oh how I wish I can have one now but alas, i’m at work with my car and PIX DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE….  Not even one sip..  So i’ll just have to wait

I am in the mood for Linguini with White Clam Sauce tonight.. So i shall be on a quest.. Any recommendations are welcomed.. But I have to tell you, my DH makes the best dish EVER!!!  No restaurant has come close, so it will be a challenge…

Sip on a glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc… DELISH!!

Hoping everyone has an absolutely wonderful weekend… They predicting High 80s on Monday.. We’ll see..