My Hands are aging

A peaceful morning… DH is out on errands, the girls (kid and friend) are still asleep and I’m sitting in the foyer with a cup of coffee in hand.. pure bliss..

Then somewhere between thoughts of “This is good coffee” and “my toast needs more butter”, I realised the sun was streaming through the lace curtains on the front door…

I immediately thought of friend, Anne.. You can check out her blog . We’ve been doing a series of shots “Through the blinds” but she in particular had a really beautiful photo with lace shadows.. SO I CHANNELED HER TODAY!!

A timely photo for me since my hands were up for discussion last night.. I can’t help notice that they look old. 😦  Never really thought about it before to be honest…

Note to self: take better care of hands.

Just wanted to share.. Hoping everyone is enjoying a beautiful Saturday.