The Games we play..


Most marraiges probably couldn’t survive a month in our home. DH and I are together probably 20 hours EVERYDAY and on weekends, close ALL DAY!!

It’s can be really tough sometimes. Searching for “ME” time becomes a quest for a hidden treasure. It has always been this way. It works for us!! However, most of our friends could never do this. We’re often asked “what’s your secret?”…

We can take our “work” home and always find an open ear. Or we can take our “personal” issues to work and drive each other crazy.. O_o

One of my favorite stories, is me giving him the wrong address for a Catering Job.. He was sooo pissed. He was yelling and cursing.. All I did was listen……………. because at the end of the day, he had to come home and we had to eat together and sleep together.. O_o MWAHAHA!!  Sorry don’t mean to laugh but in my head, it’s still very funny.

OK OK!! that was a mindless story and i’m still giggling.. But i loved the photo I took and wanted to use it as my POTD.