Be a Tourist in Your Town

Ever pretended to be a tourist in your neighbourhood? Or better yet, your city??

I do this all the time. I walk around New York city and the boroughs pretending to visit for the first time. It’s amazing what you overlook during your everyday life.

Last night, we went out to dinner at Green Fields Brazillian BBQ.. Quite a treat and lots of laughs. My friend’s parents are visiting from Germany and we got to talking about “The King of Queens”.. So I suggested we go to THE LEMON ICE KING OF CORONA. Unfortunately, I haven’t got any photos of either... O_o but there is a point. Like, Gantry Park, when I took them there, my friend commented, that they wouldn’t know about this place and how many tourist would know.

It is so true!!! New York is filled with so many amazing places of less grandeur that the OUTSIDE WORLD see through their televisions and would actually enjoy exploring if given the chance. We had a wonderful night. And I got to have my first Peanut Butter Ices for the season.. 😀

One of my favorite places to take my visitors is Dylan’s Candy Bar.. It is my version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Every kid’s dream and adult’s nightmare. There’s stairs made of candy and walls filled of candy and stuffed animals made of candy.. yep, yep, you get the picture.. It’s CANDYLAND!!!

We now have a friend visiting from Norway this week, so i’m hoping I can show her just a little extra secrets that New York has to offer.

Take care everyone and have a great day, even though it’s kinda cloudy and makes for a frizzy bad hair day.. Grrr