Strand Bookstore, New York

WOW!!! 18 miles of New, Used and Rare Books

Would you believe, I have NEVER been there. How is this even possible?? I’ve heard of it, just never ventured. WOW!! I must say that it’s a bit overwhelming.

Watching people walk around gathering handfuls of books. Putting faces to the book sections “wouldn’t have pictured that guy as a romance novel reader”.. hehe..

So many interesting photos to be captured but I felt like I would be intruding on someone reading. It seemed to be a personal moment. For what reason would you choose that book??? The possibilities are endless.

I didn’t know what to choose. I walked around and up and down and sideways and through the maze…. I ended up buyingย a book on Cupcakes for my daughter, a Culinary book for my hubby and for me, a special one… One of my boys wrote a book and he used a photo I took of him as his author’s photo, so my name is proudly displayed on the back of the book. It’s the first time I saw it.. Pretty cool ๐Ÿ˜€

So if you’re in the city, take the 6, N,ย Q or R to 14th Street, Union Square.. Bookstore is on 12th.. Worth a visit