New York – Jackson Heights, Queens

Went of a photo walk with my friend..  It was more like a photo stroll HAHA!!

I think we both just appreciated the time to be together ON OUR OWN. No family, no kids, no phones. Got a chance to talk. I really love our friendship.. The ease of it.. You don’t always find that…

Anyways, I took her to Jackson Heights, Queens… The Indian Neighbourhood. Thought we’d get some really nice photos there with the splash of colors and eccentricities of the people. We did stumble upon a man with an orange beard but both were to shy to ask if we could take a photo.

My friend made a collage and I thought it was a fabulous idea… So here’s mine….

We walked into some stores and were told “no photos”, then one lady said we could, until her boss walked in. We were stopped outside some stores even on the street.. I’ll show that guy next time.. take a tele-zoom and stand across the street. HAHA!! O_o

Disappointment: we went into a grocery store but unfortunately, there were no open spices. My hubby later told us that it’s now against Board of Health Regulations.. Grrr. But I totally understand..

I love that smell of incense burning. It’s comforting.. I love watching the ease of the women in the national dress, wearing it proudly. The jewelry is a bit over the top but so intricately designed.

It’s amazing that we captured alot of the same things but through different eyes and different cameras and different lens. We must do this more often.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone