1st Place – Figure Skating Competition

YAY!! My daughter placed first in her Category.

I am so proud of her.. She worked really hard and even said to me, “Mom, I’m really going to try. I want to place first”.. Even with an injured ankle, she was able to pull herself up from her sit spin FLAWLESSLY!!.. Now she has to stay off it for a bit, which is difficult being a dancer also.

I was trying to take photos and was getting fustrated because the lighting sucked. I pumped up my ISO but needed a high shutter speed.. Grrr. It’s just so grainy but atleast I have a few shots to share with the family. This was taken in her Compulsory program. I didn’t take any photos during her actual Program, I just can’t bear to watch her through the lens.

I’m one proud mama today.. πŸ˜€