Beautification of Pope

We were lucky enough to be in Rome on May 1st, 2011 for the Beautification of the Pope. I couldn’t get tickets but we went to Vatican City anyway.. What an amazing event to experience with our daughter..

It was just breathtaking to see the thousands of people.. Groups on pilgrimage, the priests, the nuns, the families..

They handed out Lunch Boxes and Fresh Fruit, FREE OF CHARGE, to the crowds. How fantastic was that..

It was a gorgeous day for taking photos.. We listened to the service on the radio with the masses and I have to say, it was so inspiring and touched my heart to see the devotion amongst the people gathered for this wonderful Pope I was graced to know.

We bought Commerative Flags for our friends and families back in the State.

As you can see, I just wanted to capture The Feel of the Moment; The Energy of the Day.

Maybe not the best photography technique O_o but it will be a memory my daughter will have to keep…

Thanks for reading