For the LOVE of Photography

This kid just drew my attention as I sat outside the Colloseum. He was very persistent about his mom letting him take the family photo. Believe it or not he took quite a few minutes holding that DSLR in his tiny hands. My only guess is that he was trying to frame the shot.

He’s still young though and should be proud of this memory capture.. When he gets older, he’ll realise his only mistake was shooting with that CANON… LOLOLOLOL.

I love people watching as you all know. Their reactions and interactions captivate me. We were on the Spanish Steps and it was actually a beautiful day. The sky was blue, lots of people taking photos and yet this guy, stopped for a brief moment to take a photo of these beautiful flowers.

I have a confession, I also stopped to (smell the roses, so to speak) take a photo of the flowers… 😀

Then we have the Gimpers!! Yes, i’m one of those also.. With the evolution of digitial photography, how can you help yourself.. FINALLY, you have the option to “re-do”..  This gal however was missing the entire point. Literally, stared at every photo she took and kept telling her friends to wait, meanwhile, other people were waiting to take their photo.

Well I guess I can’t blame her for gimping.. Especially when you ask another tourist to take your photo infront the Fountain of Trevi but turns out there’s no fountain behind you in the shot O_O

Then we come to the ones I refer to as “Special”… Sadly, my DH falls in this catergory. The kid and I crack up all the time.. He just takes FOREVER to compose the shot. He kneels, crouches, tip-toes, shift position.. all the while you’re just trying to keep smiling, since you don’t know when he’ll shoot. LOLOLOL

I was one step ahead of DH this time. I got a Wide Angle lens for my Nikon P5100 and convinced him that he was responsible for all the shots of the buildings etc.. So luckly, even though he took quite a bit of photos of us, he had enough of a frame to make it slide.


Check out his equipment and that kid in the papoose. He got major Kudos from me.. Just wondering if he needed that extra weight from the Speedlite… Now this is a guy I could hang out with..

You do it simply for the LOVE of Photography.