T. G. I. F.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I had a wonderful inspiring night last night. Got to talking with some people over dinner. They were attending a photography show. Heard me mention to DH that My Sunset Photo had made headlines on The NewYork Daily, it “virtually” exciting. HAHA!! They asked to see it and the discussion evolved into me sharing a few others.

They loved what they saw and eventually invited me to attend the show with them. Firstly, it was a bit last minute and secondly, i wasn’t dressed for it, so I kindly declined. BUT i tweeted a bit last night on how floored I am when stuff like this happens.

I made my Status: I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER; not by Trade but by Nature  I love it.. I might just have to trademark that line.

It just amazes me of the photography related things that have happened in my life.  I feel as though I’m walking on clouds today. So for today’s photo, I thought i’d show you a fun side of myself.. Are you ready????

My name is Pixel and I’m obsessed with Gummi Bears.. I photograph them off and on, whenever inspiration strikes.

I even have a favorite song, that I post ever so often to spread the joy!!  Give it a listen 😀

Have a wonderful Friday 13th