My Baby got invited to her first Junior Prom by her “boyfriend person”.

She was so excited and so she should be… They’re great friends and I believe recently had “declared” their teenage love and became “boyfriend/girlfriend”..  I say that loosely because, you see, he lives in another state.

WOO HOO!!! How frickin awesome is that??  oh i’m sorry, was that statement not in my head??

A funny thing this relationship… My daughter is now “off the market” in New York, she focusing on school, busy with her activities….. why wouldn’t a parent SUPPORT this friendship/relationship..

Many of you have may or may not have come across my mommy blog posts… I’m a fighter.. I fight for that right to be a parent.. A GOOD PARENT!! No ifs, ands or buts…

For example: My daughter does not have a TV in her room nor does she have internet on her phone!! Some people think it’s wrong, she just knows it is what it is.. So when her BF asks her to Prom 3 States away, of course we said YES. we packed ourselves into the car for a fun filled weekend.

We gained major points for this one.. it’s not about the TV or the Internet, it’s about the relationship we formed that will shape her personality. Life is about the choices we make and the ones we allow her to make herself…

She looked amazing!!