Freaky Friday

Not having the best of Fridays 😦

My kid fell on the Ice, practicing her routine and hurt her shoulder. We iced it immediately and it’s pretty sore but did not need to take her to ER. (thank goodness)… It just tough dealing with 15yr old tears. She doesn’t complain, so when she cries it’s usually very bad. This is my fear for her as an athlete – her tolerance is pretty high.. 😦

Now I’m at work and in the middle of regular daily deliveries and planning for a Huge Catering Event today and tomorrow, a Health Inspector walks in.. It’s not big deal, we run a pretty good operation, it’s just that we have to switch modes and I’m not in the best frame of mind today.. Grrr

I was going to gripe about gas prices.. I filled up the car this morning @$4.27 a gallon.. This is crazy!!! How does the average working person survive..

My POTD was going to be of the gas pump.. I took one much to the dismay of the gas station attendant.. HOWEVER, I shall take the high road and end my week on a POSITIVE NOTE instead….

IT IS FRIDAY Afterall…… I have a very busy weekend planned but I’m not complaining. This job will pay my bills this month.. So I’m very happy about that….

Found these outside my building.. Very pretty.. Don’t know what they’re called but I loved the shape.. So beautiful…

Just want to say, WISHING EVERYONE a Wonderful Weekend…