I guess we’re all Sinners

Either the Rapture Event didn’t occur or we are all Sinners O_o

I really was hoping something happened, so I wouldn’t have to work this Catering Event. Unfortunately, the worst thing to happen was the lights not working in the room and a box of strawberries fell on the floor..

The Internet was buzzing. People’s FB statuses all made references to this event. Even the coffee shops got in on the action… Why not?? Right??

Although, most of us knew it would be a Non-Event (c’mon folks, think about it.. do you really think “man” can predict the end of the world?) but that’s for another post… HOWEVER, I think that at some point each of us may have thought prior to Saturday about how we’d like to spend our last day..

My last day would’ve been perfect!!! I was working (successful night btw), Catering and Photography – both my passion.. PLUS, I had my entire family with me.. DH, Kid, son, son’s girlfriend and my adopted son.. We recruited all of them to work… We laughed all night, mostly at people (but again, that’s for another post)..

How did you OR how would you have envisioned your last moments on earth???

Food for thought