What’s his Story??

Ever seen people on the streets during your daily life and wonder “What’s their Story?”.

I do this all the time. I don’t always take photos because sometimes I think that Street Photography can “intrude” on other people’s private moments. As much as I enjoy it, the type of moments I capture or seem drawn to almost feels like spying when I review.

This guy was simply sitting on the stoop. I didn’t have my camera ready, wasn’t even sure of it’s last setting, light about to turn green…. but I just needed to capture this..

This one moment made me think about my life; think about his life.. was he homeless, was he sad, was he jobless, was he sick, tired or was he just waiting for the bus… I’ll never know.. However, for a brief moment, I compared lives. Here I was in my air-conditioned car, hair groomed, sipping on a coffee and listening to music….

What’s your Story???