The Camel Whisperer

Catered an Arabian Themed Birthday Party…

Initially, I was upset because having to work on Memorial weekend, meant we’d not be able to rest/relax. However, the more my hubby met with the client, the more intrigued I became..  But the deciding factor was learning there would be a CAMEL at the party… Yes Folks, a camel..

The birthday girl rode in on a Camel in the middle of Brooklyn. Where does one get a camel you ask?? Well apparently it’s quite easy.. I just had to volunteer to work this event..

We took lots of photos during the entrance but while reviewing them, I came across this one. I remember looking at the woman tending the camel.. She was so attentive to him/her/it.. Keeping him/her/it calm amongst all the flashing and bussling of curious onlookers..

Besides the Camel, we were entertained by Belly Dancers, Fire Eaters, Drummers, Flame tossing Bartenders, Cloth Swirling men ??, and Luna the Snake (my fave)… and of course……. GREAT FOOD (catered by moi)

Wished i had time to post as the night went along.. It truly was A FUN NIGHT OF CATERING!!!