Some days.. Parenthood Rocks

Firstly, let me just say that in my excitement to convey the events, my actual storytelling may not flow BUT IT”S ONE HECK OF A STORY!!! lolololol

For those of you who knows, I have a 15 year old; not a 16 or a 17, a 15 yr old… “They”, her friends and her decided to go to the movie.. Now I know, they were hoping to see Hangover 2. I did my part as a parent, yada yada, I really don’t think it’s appropriate, yada yada but said ok.

We had dinner and dropped her and her little “friend” off.. Do you have money yada yada..

Me: “How are you getting the Tickets?? They won’t sell you.”

She said: “oh we figured it out, we can just go to the machines”

Me: “but you need a credit card”

She said: with disappointment “oh, i didn’t think of that”

oh well, I guess they couldn’t go BECAUSE we all know, PIX does not approve and will not help. They got the other girl’s mom to get the tickets.. WOW!! She’s a pretty cool mom, way cooler that me.. O_o

BUT you see, PIX knows best!!!  They’re not going to get past the ticket person..  The other parent said “oh sure, they will let them in, no problem..”  Apparently, their kid does this all the time. they decided to leave. I told DH, we may as well go see the stupid movie also, we can sit in the back somewhere.. he agreed..

No sooner than 5 mins of that decision, i received a text……. “We didn’t get in”  mwahahahahaha!! Like I said, some days, being a parent is so worth it.

They could’ve gone in with us, so to teach them a lesson, we decided not to see Hangover but to go see Thor instead.. The other girl left, pissed off she couldn’t see the R-Rated movie.. My young one and her friend were just happy to be able to hang..

She later said “Thank you for waiting to see if we got in”