Touching Strangers

Today I have a story to tell. It’s a story i’m sure many photographers will identify with. It’s a story that made me sad. It’s a story that made me angry.. Feeling out of control…..

I met Richard Renaldi on Saturday. He approached me!! We talked about a project he’s working on and he asked to photograph my daughter. I said yes. Another young dancer was with her and she wanted to be included. Her mom seemed ok with the idea..

Richard is working on an ongoing project called Touching Strangers.. I think it’s beautiful.. The premise of the photo is to connect with a stranger..  He found two guys from Sweden to pose with the girls..

However, while setting up the shot, there was some commotion in the background and next thing I knew, the girl’s dad called her away from the photo, saying “you don’t know where your daughter’s photo is going to end up”…. GRRRRR!!  I was so angry..

Here was a photographer being UPFRONT with what he intends.. Shared his site and information and these people were being so naive. Meanwhile, tons of other “strangers” were photographing the girls on and OFF stage. This makes me mad because I photograph people all the time also.

My street photography posts are different to my portrait shots. I would NEVER post upclose portraits that had not asked permission for. Example the photo of the Chess Player.. I asked him if if was ok. HOWEVER, I asked the kid to slightly turn away because I knew I’d post this photo here…

I felt so terrible for Richard but I had to go along with the group.. I hope you guys check out his work… It is quite beautiful…



ps: Here’s Richard account of what happened from his point of view