City Island, New York

Have you been there yet?? If not, I highly recommend a visit..   It’s New England in 45mins (unless you hit traffic then it could be 2 hours but that still beats 4-5 hours on I-95)) haha..

As my previous post stated, yesterday was Lobster Day.. Turns out, it was also National Smile Power day. I decided to celebrate both by inviting (another word for convincing) my friend to go out to dinner on City Island. I didn’t know they’ve never been there before.. OH What a treat!!!  The girls got to walk on the docks, I love their newly found bond.

A Quick plug: We ate at City Island Lobster House!! We’ve been visiting this place, since my daughter was about 4 years old.. Food is good, Service is good, Drinks are ok, I would stick to beer.. but the best of all is that they have an outside deck..

It was very hot earlier but as the evening progressed and the sun began to fade, the cool breeze over the water felt so amazing on our skin. Then we were blessed with this beautiful sunset!! What a wonderful night it turned out to be..

ps: Yes i did have a lobster for dinner.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone