Friday Foodie Frenzy

HAHA!! ok, I’m kinda stuck for a photo blog idea today. Lot’s of possibilities, considering today is National Flip Flop Day, It is Friday and of course It’s Raining in New York.. But I just don’t feel the inspiration for those…

Plus, my hair looks great today, so there’s no way i’m going out in the RAIN, wearing FLIP FLOPS, in NEW YORK city…

So that only leaves me with FOOD!! I can pretty much write anything about that.. It helps that today is also EAT YOUR VEGETABLES DAY!!  Yeah, those things on your plate that are getting in the way of your mashed potatoes, those are called peas. And that bowl of green stuff the waiter brings before your fettuccini, that’s a salad.

Last night we enjoyed Tomato with Fresh Mozzarella, topped with slivers of fresh basil and sundried tomato, drizzled with a sundried tomoto vinaigrette.

It was very delicious!! Dinner Entree was Pasta with Sausage and Broccoli Rabe.. Cooked to perfection with red pepper flakes and just enough garlic to make you want to kiss someone.. HAHA!!  I love food.. I enjoy the entire experience of savoring flavors and textures.

Mr Atkins would have a heart attack at my house….. We even had BREAD!!

We drank a Semillon Wine last night.. Very strange wine. Food is such a huge part of my life. It truly does dictate the energy of our day/night/week….

We have a weekend of Food Frenzy.. Tomorrow my MIL turns 80, so we’re celebrating. Then Father’s Day is on Sunday and I’m taking DH and kids to Mario Batali Casa Mono… Very excited!! I really love his Food Concepts!!

So here’s to tantalizing your tastebuds on this Rainy Friday…

Enjoy and try something new on your plate