Life Goes On

I woke up this morning feeling horrible. The kind of horrible that you don’t feel like talking to anyone about.. 😦    I really miss my dad..

He died a couple years ago. It’s easy to go through life most of the time and living in a different country makes it all that simpler because i’m not dealing directly with family.. BUT I MISS HIM!! I miss his laugh, his smile, his love of life. He used to be as laid back as I am. I realise how similar I am to him in nature. Father’s Day is a tough one for me.  (Sorry to burden you guys with this but it does get better)

You see, LIFE GOES ON!!  We learn to push past and realise that we are in the NOW!! I have to get off bed and make things happen for my daughter, for my life.. He’d want that..

I do the only thing I knows brings me joy. I made myself a cup of coffee and took a walk to the pond; camera in hand. 😀  Little did I know, within then next few minutes, I’d be laughing like a crazy woman all alone.. HAHAHA!!

As I walked to the edge of the pond, very slowly, since it’s muddy and slippery, I noticed what seemed to be flies buzzing or water dropping… NO SIREEEE!!! They were baby frogs hopping away from the giant ogre (me)… I screamed.. HAHA!! Realising they were on my feet… Then it occurred to me that I was killing some of them.. Grrrr!! now I couldn’t move, figuring nothing could be done for the unfortunate but I could atleast stay still until they get to the water’s edge..

MILLIONS!! ok my HUNDREDS!! of little frogs.. Me with D90. Slippery slope.. afraid to get really low because i’d slip, just decided to start snapping. Hoping for the best. I placed the camera at grass level, keep in mind the frogs are about the size of a raisin.. Alot of the shots weren’t in focus because they kept jumping, other had not frogs but beautiful rain drops on the blades of grass..

Then I found this one.. This little guy still had his tail!!! LIFE GOES ON!! I was so ecstatic.. I felt really good on my walk back to the house…  I still feel a  bit in the dumps but for a moment, I was able to move on…