First Love

I’ve been wanting to post about First Love for quite a while. The photo inspiration yesterday, has made it possible.

~~ Theoretically first love can happen in any age or not happen at all. But most people had fallen in love for the first time when they were teenagers. That exciting new experience most of us remember very well during all our life. For an adult his/her own high school problems and the problems of their children seem very funny, silly and simple especially compared with all the difficulties of adult life. Somehow we forget how tragic and full of drama life and relationships were than in our adolescence. ~~


A couple of reasons for this post.. Planning my daughter’s Sweet 16 have now put me in the position to invite her boyfriend to a family event. This is a huge deal for us.  While there are guidelines and lectures regarding “well you know grandma will be there”, I absolutely understand how difficult it is to deal with relationships at that age.

I remember how “in love”, I used to be and how devastated I was when he left but I moved on. However, I didn’t want to deal with the “it’s gets better with time” speeches I got from my older brother.. So I worry about my daughter ever so slightly..

Another reason for this post is because my neighbour informed me that she’s selling her apartment and moving to Florida. O_o She’s getting married!!! TO HER FIRST BOYFRIEND!!  They met up online again. Turns out he’s got some extra fat and less hair but a really nice guy. HAHA!! That’s what she said.. hehe. I’m happy for her; she lost her husband a couple years back.

It made me wonder, I wondered what kind of person my First Love grew up to be. I wonder if I would be able to let that person into my life. I am afterall a married woman. You hear these stories everyday.. Can we be friends?? Can both our family co-exist?  MOST IMPORTANTLY, would he even remember me?? LOL.

I love my talks with my daughter, because I tell her how much he was the center of my world and if I didn’t move on I would not have met her dad and had her. I ask her to explore the world as I did (I travelled alot when I was younger) and not get seriously involved with this kid. But who am I to say, looking back, I realised that I would’ve moved with him if I had the opportunity.


My photo is a concept I’ve had for quite a while. It was a bit tedious trying to cut out the characters and prepare dinner at the same time and trying to catch quickly setting sun but I think I’m happy with the results. Wasn’t sure which photo to post…

Hope you like