Social Media World

Have you noticed that the world is becoming a smaller place, thanks to Social Media..  Were you ever caught in a situation where you say “Oh S@%T” ? 

Took this photo at a Bar in Patterson, New York..

waiting to be seated for dinner, we hung out at the bar for a bit. I could help but love the lighting on the glass. Decided to take a photo. I also took one one on my phone and uploaded to Twitter, stating the name of the restaurant.

The next morning I received a message from a Twitter follower… YOOOO I was there too.. Needless to say, we’ve never met. Really weird..

Another story I heard this weekened – my cousin was at a bar, called home to say he’ll be late. His 14yr old son said “oh yes we know where you are, someone posted a video on FB and you’re in it. LOLOLOL”… O_o  no further comment…

So just wanted to say BE GOOD!! Big Brother is watching.

Monday Food for Thought