It’s ok to be different

Society dictates: What we wear, what we ought to look like, what we eat (or should eat), where we should send our kids to school, whom we should love.

This week a remarkable event occurred and unless you that caveman in the Geico Ad and living under a rock, everyone knows of our victory.

I’ve raised my daughter to be different, taught her to be strong and to know that it’s ok to STAND OUT!!ย  To learn to love for what’s inside – find the “person” in the people she encounters.ย  Planning her Sweet 16 is becoming so much of an eye-opener. She gave me her guest list and I am sooo proud. The Blend of kids is an attestment to who she is – there are asian, black, white, indian, figure skaters, dancers, skateboarders, broadway enthusiasts, nerds, preps and her best gay friend, who is flying in from California.

It is a difficult thing to try to fit in but it’s even harder to lead. That’s my daughter – she forces everyone to get along.. It’s going to be an amazing event.