Mysophobia and the NYC Subway System

With a heading like that and a photo like this, I think I’m set with Wordless Wednesday. HAHAHA!!

This is my kid on the subway yesterday… O_o

No matter how much I say, don’t hug the rail – Use only one hand – don’t put your face on the rail – don’t touch your face… MWAHAHA!! Yesterday, she told me I had issues!!!

But do you guys think of this while on your way to work or play?? Hundreds, if not thousands of people pass through the NYC subway station every day.. Think of all that bugger covered hands that touch the rails… (hehehe!! I am giggling so much writing this)   AND NO!!! I do not have issues as she puts it; it’s just plain fact.. why put yourself at risk..

All that being said, during the Summer, i ride the NYC subway almost everyday on my little photo adventures.. I love it.. GERMS AND ALL!!