Derek Jeter – 2 hits shy

No pressure at all Jeter, it is afterall YOUR ACHIEVEMENT!! Your Victory.

But it’s much more than that isn’t it??  Derek Jeter is about to join an exclusive club, in Major League Baseball when he reaches 3,000 career hits. This has only been done by 27 men in the history of the sport.  Derek Jeter’s story is one of triumph as he has been the “face” of one of the most powerful sports organization in the history of America. He has spent the last 16 years of his life being a leader on the NY Yankees and has guided the Yankees to 5 World Championships.


My hubby watched every game leading up to last night’s Yankee vs Tampa game. Hoping beyond hope that he’d be present for this amazing achievement.. The crowd was buzzing.. The excitment was high as Jeter took the mound. Everyone was at the edge of their seats, some stood, chanting Jeter-Jeter…. No presure at all for this poor guy!!

And the crowd went WILD with his first hit – Number 2,998

Yes folks, I was there. hehehe. The rest of the game was disappointing but I think the morale was up because Jeter had a couple more chances to hit and this got the crowd going again. It was no longer about the team game (let’s face it, they were getting their butts kicked), it was now about this individual needing support and encouragement. Letting him know we were there, all excited for him.

They arrived in droves, wearing his name and number


I took my Nikon 80-200mm (one crazy heavy lens) and a monopod.  The security didn’t allow me to take the monopod into the stadium (something about me looking like i’d hit someone with it) O_o… So my hubby had to go put it in a locker. My Italian “street wise” hubby, decided to hide it under the steps of the subway as opposed to stand in line and pay $10.00. Vowing to buy me another one if it weren’t there on our return. IT WAS THERE!! btw.

Well here’s to Friday and Good luck to Jeter