A Day at the Beach

It was a beautiful day for the beach.  DH and I piled 4 teenagers, 1 cooler, 2 chairs, 2 boogie boards, 1 skimmer board and headed off to Gilgo Beach, Long Island..

What a fun ride!! I absolutely love that the kids enjoy our company. We spooked them when we mentioned that this was the strip of beach that made headlines for the dead bodies.

DH has been going to this beach since he was a kid. Gilgo is a surfer’s beach; very family oriented but most importantly NOT A LONG WALK to the water.  Luckily, he is a Junior, so he takes one of his dad’s utility bill and gets us a season pass (oops, did I just admit to fraud)….


These girls were selling jewelry in the tunnel underpass. I loved that they sat just under the ray of light.. Couldn’t help but take a photo.. 😀

Well have a great week everyone