A Personal Update

I’ve been skirting the issues with you guys lately.. Some have seen my few updates on FB and on Twitter. Never details, just thoughts as my day passed by.  So here goes……..

My Mother-in-law has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. While this seems sudden, it really isn’t. We suspected but didn’t get confirmation until about 3 weeks ago. She’s been in and out of the hosipital so many times over the past 10 years that to the outside world, my family seems un-phased a bit but we’re dealing the only way we know how. By keeping our daily lives intact, by keeping the kids informed and planning for the future of my father-in-law and the rest of us…

The kids are not too upset YET.. you see, their grandma hasn’t been active for many years. We’ve spent many mother’s days and Thanksgivings and Christmases at the hospital. However, last night, it came to realisation that grandma won’t actually come home again EVER.. to her house, to her chair and my daughter had a tough time dealing with that fact..

I did her nails yesterday at the hospital, like i’ve always done over the years. She said: “Thank you, you’re the only one I trust to do this”.. I felt honored – I felt loved…. By a woman who was so tough (still kinda is) that she scared me in the beginning of my marraige. Her personality was too strong for mine.. Over the years, I stood my ground and gained her respect. It all seems futile now..

This is it.. This is the End..

Take care everyone