My kid the junkie

What a sensational headline for my post you may be asking… but let’s see what our trusted O_o Wikipedia says about the word “junkie”:

A hyperbolic expression for a person with a particularly strong enthusiasm for some activity, e.g. “a TV junkie”, “a ski junkie”.

OK OK we’ll get past definition #1, where drugs were mentioned.. God forbid!!!

My kid is a TV Junkie, an Internet Junkie, a Snack Junkie but mostly she’s a Texting Junkie…  All the traits of a healthy teenager!!

It’s all good- everything in moderation!!!  but here’s lies the problem… lots of parents just do not limit their kid’s intake whether it be physical or mental. Does your kid really need to be wired 24/7?? Some parents don’t know how to say no.. My argument was always “What do they have to look forward to, if they get everything NOW”.

Summer Vacation meant going to the beach, now kids get upset if they’re not flying somewhere.  I didn’t go to my first concert until i was a late teenager, now we take our kids when they’re 3 and 4 yrs old. Or how about getting a brand new car when you turn 16. O_o I drove my grandfather old mini cooper for years… but that’s just me!! My kid is not deprived – she has and can get anything she wants – I just choose what those things are and when she can have them…

Lately, i’ve been receiving comments regarding my parenting abilities.. Well to be honest, it’s nothing special. It really is about being consistent and scaring the crap outta them..

For example, tell them they can’t date until they’re 18 but once in a while you let them go them go to the movies with ONE person as opposed to a “group”.. get my drift.. hehe. OR Tell them to kiss lots of boys before they get married and them show them a video about viral infections… Yes folks!! I’m that kind of mom.. Give a lot – Take a little..

So i’m not really that horrible but with the world the place it is today, we have to learn how to become parents again; not have the world teach your child but teach them ourselves. Sadly, alot of parents don’t know how to do this because they were never taught themselves.

Kids needs limits – they need direction – they need support. Some of you are reading this and saying yes, all that sounds great but we’re a two income household, we work all the time. Well then teach your kid responsibility and respect for you and other people. It annoys me when kids have no respect for older people. That’s not the kid, that’s the parent..

OK i think I should stop now.. This is turning into a lecture..  The reason for my post is that I really need a POTD, so took this photo really quickly..

Thanks for reading