Date Night in New York

A Very simple task indeed…

I don’t have many date nights, mostly because we have long days, have a child, too tired (i’d rather be in bed)….. OH WAIT!! Have you heard those before?? Well it’s mostly true for us.

The issue is not really “let’s have a date night” but rather “what to do on date nights”..

Last night we sat in the car: “so what’cha wanna do tonight?” We could go to a Comedy Club or a Bar but for us on a Wednesday night, it seem not the way to go… So we do what we always do. Being married to a Chef, we pick out a new place to try and critique it.. It’s actually alot of fun. We pick apart their menu, their food combinations, the recipes, the beverages, the service, the decor…

We see things that “average” diner doesn’t. We laugh most of the time and at the end of the night, it’s rated – “would we take our friends here”…

This Plate was the Moo Shu Duck Taco….

This was the Pollack Fish Taco

We had a Rum Tupper and a Watermelon concoction then switched to Sangria..


It’s fun to be out just the two of us. We chatted about our future. We’re both toying with the idea of opening a restaurant again.. We miss that atmosphere.. We talked about our daughter’s Sweet 16 and about his mom. Conversations flows easily with us even though we’ve been together for so long and have worked together (for so long minus 3days) hehe.. Not many couples in the restaurant business have lasted through the waves of marraige..  It works for us!


I wish Pachanga Restaurant Good Luck!! 

I shall move on and probably not return with friends but hey, that’s just me. It’s rather cute but I think the food is not as I imagined..

Well take care