Some days, we don’t know if we’re coming OR going OR just existing.  My photo today reminded me of this and it represents our journey yesterday to the hospital to see my MIL and the journey home.. It seems that we’ve come to the crossroads of life.. Lots of changes; lots of directions; lots of wonder….

White Lights = oncoming traffic

Red Lights = traffic infront of us

Yellow Lights = Street lights

The Spots are from the rain on the windshield and represents the spots on my MIL pancreas. 😦

The Darkness of the rainy night sky described the feeling in the car as we drove home, talking of our journey ahead


Took this shot with my D90 which isn’t working properly, with a 50mm 1.8 lens attached. Probably shouldn’t be using it until I get it repaired but what the heck.. Life is short.. Lens/Camera not auto focusing or locking focus, so I shot on Manual focus.. kinda difficult in a moving car.. I loved the results


Take care everyone and LOVE the people you’re with.. LIFE IS SHORT!!!