A Trip to Williamsburg, New York

Williamsburg is a beautiful little town. Lively at night.. Can’t help but notice the array interesting tattoos and graffitti; it’s like eye candy for a photographer.. Quaint little spots to dine and interesting bars to hang with friends..

I’m beginning to think Wednesday Night is become restaurant critique night..  Last night we ventured into Williamsburg, Brooklyn to try out a place recommended by a friend, who happens to be a Nutritionist.. By the end of the night, my hubby and I were discussing “why I just can’t be a food critic or write a food blog”… 😦

Maybe it’s just us!!! I mean, is it that we simply have too high of expectations? Does Gordon Ramsay have issues when he goes out to eat?? I’m beginning to think that I have to give up my dream.. Now this place wasn’t terrible, it just fell short in our opinion.. The dishes were not well executed but enjoyable, if you know what i mean.. I told him that I can’t keep writing about restaurants, if I am not happy.. The place last night – I will not take our friends there..

But i don’t want you to think that you wouldn’t enjoy it. The Decor was absolutely beautiful. The Staff was friendly and attentive and the food was OK. Would I have drowned my duck taco in mole sauce, so you can’t appreciate the duck flavor? NO! but that doesn’t mean the other 20 people in the restaurant didn’t enjoy it.. I am but one person..

So sadly, I just may have to figure out what else I want to be when I grow up.. (dang it)

Have a Fabulous day before Friday

OH PS: My main photo was purely by accident. Still have the broken lens attached to my D90, and was fiddling with the manual focus, when this person sat right next to us..