A Needed Escape

As you guys know, my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer a few weeks ago.. It’s progressing quickly and I think it’s finally beginning to sink in with the family.. My husband, his brother and their father are now being faced with the reality that she is not coming home this time.

We decided to run away—- no phones, no internet, no way for anyone to reach us—- atleast for a day. We went out on the lake and enjoyed a day of just swimming, tubing, cliff climbing, suicidal jumping off cliff, swinging on a rope.. O_o We’re all injured today.. BUT my hubby was able to just let go.. just think of the safety of the kid and I.. we drank and ate and swam some more.. until we were numb..

On our way back I saw a line of sail boats and thought it would make a great reminder of our day.. peaceful, smooth sails against turbulant waters….