Back to work

Hey now you better listen to me everyone of you
We got a lotta lotta lotta lotta work to do
Forget about your woman and that water can
Today were working for the man

well pick up your feet
we’ve got a deadline to meet
I’m gonna see you make it on time
Don’t relax
I want elbows and backs
I wanna see everybody from behind

‘Cause your working for the man working for the man
you gotta make him a hand when you’re working for the man

~~~ Roy Orbison ~~~

Back to the grind… Hitting the streets of New York.. Earning my dollar
Tried to grab some street shots this morning with my CoolPix. Have to fiddle a bit with the settings.. Get more practice in.. Lots of the shots were blurry. Granted I’m holding the camera at waist level, trying to be discreet. 😀

Have a great day New York

Hugs Pix