National Watermelon Day

Had a brilliant idea, while cubing watermelon for my BBQ tonight.. Didn’t turn out too badly if you ask me, considering I was trying to rush out of the house (the story of my life – never enough time to focus on photography).. hehe

Watermelon is the perfect name for this melon that is 90% water. And 10% seeds, we presume. As a kid, you may have been told that swallowing watermelon seeds would lead to watermelons growing in your belly. You’ve likely since realized that’s a bunch of hooey. But if you have any lingering fears, you can purchase watermelons specially engineered to be seedless. Square watermelons have also been created if you happen to need one of those, though we can’t imagine why.

Looking forward to hanging on the rooftop, IN THE RAIN, which the weatherman is predicting in New York.. sigh

Have a great day